Parents are always in the race for meeting and fulfilling their kid’s nutritional requirement. Most of them believe that this can be met only through proper meals.However, kids have a special liking for snacks .

So, if parents plan and provide healthy snacks to their kids, then they can easily meet daily nutritional requirement of their kids. Therefore, parents must opt for smart healthy snacks and help kids develop the habit of healthy snacking right form the early years of childhood.

Parents must establish snacking and meal time schedules. While doing so, parents must be careful of not keeping the timing of the snacks and meals very close .Their must be a genuine gap between the two. They must encourage and motivate their kids to follow those rules. Parents must also educate their kids on the importance of eating right food /snack right from their early years.

Vegetable and fruits are great source of nutrition.So; parents must add them in their kid’s diet as often as possible. For this, keep a good stock of all the possible vegetables and fruits at home. Few options of healthy snacking which can be tried are :

* Whip yogurt in a bowl with little honey and mix either or available fruits like banana, apples, strawberry, pomegranate, apple etc and serve chilled.
* Make a smoothie of their favorite fruits and serve them with few nuts toppings.
* Fruit salads
* Serve custard with chopped fruits and nuts.
* Milk shakes of their favorite fruits.
* Vegetable broth or soups.
* Using green leafy vegetables in sandwiches
* Vegetable or non vegetarian stew. This is a great way of developing taste for non vegetarian dishes.
* Low fat chocolate shake.

Wheat, pulses, cereals are also essential source of nutrients and provide fibre.Whole wheat products should be included in their snacks. Like: make vegetable sandwich from brown breads or mixed grain breads. Even low calorie cheese sandwich should be made with brown bread

Deep fried products and high fat calorie products should be avoided. They add lot of calories .Instead healthier options of cooking like steaming, grilling, roasting etc should be followed.

Thus, healthy snacks to too promote good health by supplying nutrients without adding too many calories.So, the objective of parents should be to choose the healthy snacks carefully.

Raka Raghuvanshi