Healthy Pregnancy

Now that you are pregnant, you need to take care of yourself as well as of the baby. You have to be alert, gentle, caring and careful all the while you are pregnant.

To have a good health during pregnancy, you must eat right and do little exercises as well to make sure that your body doesn’t become rigid.

Not working out for 9 months can make your body stiff which is not good during the delivery. It may cause unbearable pain.So it is better that you prepare yourself mentally and physically right from the very beginning.

As for diet, have small portions of food in six meals for the whole day. Drink loads of fluids like water and juices and do not drink much of caffeine and ban alcohol during the pregnancy. Smoking is not recommended either so stop doing that for at least the time till you deliver the baby.

Have a balanced diet which contains a lot of iron, calcium and proteins as they are all vital for a proper growth of the baby. Take enough rest while pregnancy and do not over exert your self. During the first three months, it is ok to do some household work and go outside as well. But after that, do such things only if necessary.

Seek simple pleasures. Watch TV, do not get bored. Keep indulging yourself in something or the other, now that doesn’t mean that you have to keep doing stuff. You can listen to soft music, lullabies, sing yourself or do things like these to keep your busy and delighted at the same time. Exercise is vital for health so do that. By exercise, I do not mean hard core gymming. Just do normal stretching.

Walking 15 minutes daily can also be a good option. You can also join fitness classes especially meant for pregnant ladies. Visit your doctor in every 3 weeks to know if everything is going smooth. Wear comfortable clothes and take medicines on time. Try not to take any kind of stress and be happy so that you can have a healthy pregnancy.