Healthy Snack Options For Pregnant Women

‘A Well-balanced diet is a must for pregnant women’ is what all doctors say and that’s so right. To get the energy that you need during this period it’s important for you to eat the right foods at regular intervals. But you need to make sure that you eat enough foods from each food group to allow your body to metabolize efficiently. A good metabolism results in high energy levels. In fact, did you know that mountain climbers always carry chocolate bars with them to eat, as this brings up their energy levels when they feel tired.

You might not know, but carbohydrate snacks give quick energy and so do snacks rich in proteins and fats. Here’s a list of some nutritious snack options for you to choose from…

You can dip carrot sticks in peanut butter or creamed cheese, or spread either on one half celery stalk and have it in small portions every time you feel hungry. Another option is to mix your own dried fruit-nut snacks that include peanuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, raisins, and any dried fruit. Mix it well and have it. If you like fruits and nuts, you’ll enjoy having this as a light and crispy snack between meals. In fact, we suggest you always keep this mixture in a small tiffin in your purse for a surreptitious snack while working or attending a class or even while travelling.

Apart from this, you could roll sliced ham around chunks of Swiss cheese for an easy snack. Also, get into the habit of keeping the vegetable basket full of green, red and yellow vegetables like carrots, cucumber, beetroot, zucchini, celery, beans etc. Nothing can be better than salads, which can be eaten at any time of the day.  Keep them in a plastic container in your refrigerator for a low-calorie, high-energy snack.

If you prefer light snacks, you have the option of mixing a dip of plain yogurt with Italian dressing mix and have it with some Monaco biscuits or any other crispy biscuits. In fact, there are times one cannot resist some wonderful salty junk food taste. When this urge overcomes you, pass up the potato chips and make popcorn your choice. Try the popcorn popper that uses hot air instead of hot oil. This will save you calories.