Heat Rash- How to Deal with Heat Rash

Heat rash or prickly heat or miliaria is a common skin rash that is seen in kids due to excessive exposure to heat. Heat rashes are more common in summer months and in humid areas and normally it may subside in a few days.

But in certain kids the situation gets worsen and then it demand treatment. Heat rashes are pinpoint, tiny pink or clear bumps seen on the back, neck or face. These rashes occur when the sweat gets trapped in the skin and cause inflammation and itching around the skin pores.

This condition worsens when the child sweats in humid and hot condition repeatedly. There are different types of heat rashes or miliaria such as clear heat rashes, whiteyellow, red and deep heat rashes. Babies tend to have heat rashes in skin folds and neck while kids may have it anywhere on the body.

Heat Rash Treatment

First the affected area should be cleaned with mild soap and water and try to keep the child in cool environment, if possible use air conditioner. Also allow proper ventilation to the skin and use soft cotton clothes. Make sure to stick to natural fabrics and avoid synthetic polyester fabrics.

Avoid application of ointments,
oily lotions on the skin as it blocks the sweat gland and encourages heat rashes. Cold compress is another method that can used to control rashes and for this press frozen peas packet or ice bag wrapped in a soft towel on the affected area. Dusting powder on the affected area may also provide relief to the kid.

If possible keep the toddler under a fan as it helps to dry out the rashes. Calamine lotion is also found to be beneficial for treating heat rashes in children.

Avoid the usage of lotions recommended for adults on kids as it may irritate their delicate skin and instead seek doctor’s assistance for suitable treatment.

Add a little baking soda or crushed oats
to the child’s bath to get good relief from heat rash. Try to feed the kids with fluids such as fresh fruit and vegetable juices and pure water to keep them hydrated.