Help Your Child Grow Organized

All the basic skills of life play an important role in out lives and hence are necessary to succeed in life.

Organizational skill is one of those essential skills which has numerous benefits and increases the kid’s potential and hence success. Developing these basic skills in their kids is parent’s responsibility and therefore should not be overlooked.

It’s very important for parents to create awareness about the organizational skills and its importance in our life. They must be taught about its various benefits and how it helps in making independent adults.

Right from the early year’s kids must be taught to keep their toys back after playing. There must be an assigned place /shelves, cupboards etc to keep their toys and other things. This helps the kids to understand the concept that everything has a specific place and must be kept back there. Even it’s easier for them to take out the toys when they feel like playing. Parents can also encourage them by helping them and making it a combined effort.

Kids observe their parents activities. Hence, parents too can develop this habit of organizing skill in their kids by themselves setting an example in front of them. By doing so, kids gradually learn the skill by seeing them and get accustom to leaving in organized place.

As your children grows, include them in small-small task of house hold chores like cleaning their bedrooms, study table and encourage them to do it independently in their own way. Thus allowing the kids to learn and practice it. Making family chart for different activities for different family members and providing them with due dates /time for finishing the task is also one of the fine ways of encouraging kids to realize the importance of organizing skill and thus develops them as well.

Kids must be encouraged to follow their daily schedules of school activities and other co-curricular activities on time. This can be made easier for them by planning a time table and following it. This enables them to finish all their tasks on time. Besides these kids must be encouraged to keep all their books and other stationary needed for next day school inside the school bag after finishing their homework.

Parents must keep on increasing the awareness and benefits about organizational skills in their kids gradually by adding the responsibility and tasks to them which will help them to grow into organized adults.

Raka Raghuvanshi