Helping Kids To Cope Up With Their Anger

Anger is a natural emotion. Everyone experiences it and kids are not exceptions. Anger when not controlled can be dangerous and can lead to aggressive actions. So, everyone must be able to control their anger. Therefore, parents must help their kids to learn to handle their anger so that when they grow up, they are able to cope up with their anger in a peaceful manner.

Generally, it’s seen kids in order to get their work done start showing their anger on their parents. Reason being they know that by doing so, they will achieve their objective.

So, parents must make it clear to their kids that their problem will be heard only when they are calm and cool. By doing so, kids slowly realize that by being angry their motive is not solved and therefore they start behaving calmly.

Parents too should practice it and behave in controlled manner. If parents are angry, then they must not show it in front of their kids as this has a negative impact on their kid’s behavior.

Instead they must try to relax and calm down by practicing certain activities like breathing exercises, backward counting etc.By doing so, parents set themselves as role models and kids too learn from them to control their anger.

When kids are angry, parents must show patience and should listen to them. They should not be critical and react negatively .This helps to build strong bond between them and thus makes it easy for the kids to approach their parents when they are angry.

Parents must encourage their kids to share and speak out their reason for anger with them. This helps the kids to calm down a bit and then resolve the problem.

Once the kids realize the fact that by sharing their problem they can solve the issue, they will always control their anger by relaxing and prefer sharing it with their parents. Sometimes, when situations are out of control, parents can advice their kids to leave the place coolly and relax .Later, when they are able to control their anger; they can seek out the issue.

Anger has negative impact on kid’s growth and development .Therefore, it’s important for parents to show and make their kids learn to handle their anger in a positive manner.

Raka Raghuvanshi