Helping Kids to Handle their Peer Pressure

In today’s world, bringing up a child is a very difficult and a challenging task. There are so many distractions all round and kids  become the easiest prey. This becomes all the more challenging when kids enter their teenage group.

During this phase, kids easily get influenced by their peer group and are under constant peer pressure.Thus, peer pressure is a normal part  of growing up phase of every child.

However, sometimes kids get influenced by wrong habits and then it becomes a concern for parents and kids. So, it’s important for parents to help their kids tackle their peer pressure.

Parents are the pillars of strength for their kids. Kids always look up to them for their queries or problems. However, as kids grow and enter their teens they stop sharing it with their parents.

So, parents must make the first move to start their communication with their kids. They must communicate regularly and be aware about their kid’s daily activities, new interest, friends, academics, hobbies etc.

This helps the parents to know about their kid’s behavior, their perceptions, thoughts etc and guide them accordingly. In addition to this, it also helps the parents to create awareness about peer pressure to their kids and the various ways of handling them.

Parents must build strong self esteem and self confidence in their kid’s behavior right from the early years. Self confident kids rule themselves. They are confident about themselves in all ways and so do not easily get influenced by others or by their friends.

Teenage is a period where kids love to be in groups. So, in order to be accepted by their groups or friends they start imitating activities which the majority group people do.

They get influenced by them, believe them to be right and hence include them in their lifestyle. So, parents must develop the habit of logical thinking among their kids. This helps the kids to know about the pros and cons of their actions and thus help them in taking correct decisions.

Safe and secure family support helps the kids to resist their peer pressure. A supporting family is a backbone for all kids. It provides all the necessary solutions to its kid’s problems.So, even if the kids are influenced by their peer group they will share it with their family members and try to over come it.

In order to avoid kids  from indulging into wrong habits and long term stress, parents should keep a check on their kids changing behavior and activities.

So, its important for all the kid’s parent of the same  peer group to be in contact with each other and keep a track of their kids activities and apply a common set of rules and regulations to handle them.

Raka Raghuvanshi