Home Birth – An Introduction

Home birth is an option which is considered by many expectant mothers nowadays. By this method, instead of resorting to a hospital you can ensure the delivery of your baby at your own home.

A home birth is a convenient method of delivery. You can have as many people as you want to attend the birth. Here the risk of infections to the mother and baby is very low as compared to a hospital.

You can also choose any birthing position you want to. You can lie down, kneel down or try squatting. Home births thus give the expectant mother more control over the birthing process.

Home birthing cannot be adopted by all pregnant women. The process is feasible only if you have no risks or complications in your pregnancy .If you have high blood pressure or gestational diabetes, then it will be wise for you to not opt for home birth.

Women with placenta previa, toxemia and a previous history of cesarean section will also be subject to very large risks. You should also not opt for home birth if you have had a uterine surgery or any other problems related to your uterus.

Home births can
be assisted or unassisted. In an assisted home birth, a midwife or a doctor who is experienced in assisting births in a non medical environment will be involved.

An unassisted birth is also called a free birth and is done without the help of a medical professional. Since the risk of complications is high in such a case people often opt for assisted home births.

The area you choose for birthing should be clean .Create a comfortable environment according to your wish by playing your favorite music or by lighting candles. It is also very important not to let yourself get dehydrated and lose your stamina during the birthing process. To avoid this you are advised to drink plenty of fluids

All the required birthing supplies like towels, bandages and antiseptics should be collected and completely sterilized well before hand. You should always have a back up plan ready, in case something goes wrong.  Be confident and also have a talk with people who had gone through similar experiences.

Thus by taking proper care and attention, the process of home birthing can be made a safe and wonderful experience.