Home Remedies For Babies With Gas

Similar to adult persons, infants and children too suffer from gas problem due to excessive swallowing of air while consuming milk or solid food. If they cry out of pain or you find their abdomen tight and swollen it may be the symptoms of gas. You can try these home remedies for babies with gas.

Bay leaves tea is very beneficial for removing gas from infants. You need to boil bay leaves in a container for 3-5 minutes and you can also add a little sugar to it so that your baby enjoys drinking it. After the mixture gets cool feed your baby 1-2 ounces whenever you find that he or she is having problem.

Asafoetida is considered to be very effective home remedy in expelling gas from stomach; for adults as well as for children. For children you need to mix a pinch of it in water and make your child consume it. It will give great relief in gas problem.

Cumin seeds are very beneficial for gas problem. It works best in children. You need to boil 2 tablespoonful cumin seeds for some time so that the water gets flavoured and its medicinal value increases. Allow the mixture to cool for sometime then remove the seeds from the preparation and feed your infant the liquid once in a day. It will solve your infant’s gas problem.

Massage or say tummy massage is very effective to get rid of infant’s gas problem. Put some oil in your palms and by applying little pressure massage his or her tummy or abdominal area lightly, in clockwise direction. Remember, your massage should be gentle and light. Try to use fingertips instead of using whole palm. Repeat this for some time. It will give your child relief from gas.

You can also give your baby bicycle massage. For this place your baby, flat on the floor and by raising his or her legs make a movements as if he is riding a cycle. It will cause movement and motion inside his intestines which will allow his gas to pass or give him relief from gas in other forms.

Burping too is necessary to give your baby relief from gas problem. You should burp your baby while feeding milk from bottle or while breast-feeding. Babies need to be burped every few minutes because it helps in eliminating gas from the abdomen.

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

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