Homemade Baby Food Recipes: Make Your Own Baby Food

Your little bundle of joy has reached another milestone. It is time to introduce solid foods to your baby. Most medical professionals recommend the introduction of baby foods when your baby is six months old.

While there are a number of options for commercial baby foods in the market, these foods are very expensive and do not ensure optimal nutrition for the baby.

For all those stressed out moms and dads out there, homemade baby food recipes may be the best answer to your problems. Not only are these baby foods cooked at more nutritious and healthy for your toddler but they are also significantly less expensive. Moreover all it takes is just one hour to make these wonderful, fresh and tasty recipes that your baby will love.

Vegetable Recipes

Cauliflower and Cheese Puree: Blend two cups of fresh cauliflower florets with cheese and butter until it is soft and creamy. You can also add some carrots or broccoli to this mixture. To thin this puree, add water or breast milk.

Tasty Peas Puree: Boil peas for around seven to ten minutes and then drain the water. Add some butter to the peas and blend it in a food processor. If the puree is too thick, add some vegetable cooking stock to it.

Fruit Recipes

Pears Mash: Peel the pears and cut it into thin slices. Place these pieces into a saucepan filled with water. Let it simmer on medium heat for fifteen to twenty minutes till the pears are soft. Now take it off heat, drain the water and puree the pear cubes in a food processor for a delicious pears mash. You can also use apples for this mashed recipe.

Protein Recipes

Chicken Puree: Cut boneless chicken into cubes of 1 inch and cook it in hot water till the chicken is tender. Drain the chicken stock and allow the pieces to cool. Now place these pieces in a food processor, add a little cooking stock and puree it. You can also mix boiled vegetables like carrots or a ripe papaya to this puree.

Ideally after six months of age, the baby’s diet should consist of a variety of foods including meats, cereals, vegetables and fruits. Breast milk should also be continued at this stage. If you are introducing solid foods before six months then keep out the proteins from the diet.

Parul Solanki