Homeschooling: Benefits And Shortcomings

A few years ago, homeschooling was seen upon as something which is unacceptable and odd. But nowadays many parents are picking homeschooling over regular schools to teach their children.

Homeschooling has certain advantages and shortcomings but the suitability of homeschooling depends on the reason for which such an option is being considered. Homeschooling has several benefits, the most important of which is it saves your child from the risk of bullying and teasing at school.

Your child is saved from the sometimes overbearing peer pressure which can make the school life of your child extremely difficult. When a child is schooled at home, he is not under the pressure of abiding by the rules of a peer group and indulging in tasks which he otherwise does not approve of.

At home, a child can religiously concentrate on his studies and focus his attention at one place. Moreover the child gets ample time to learn and practice his passion and excel his skills in a particular field. Schooling at home gives an opportunity to have more time for pursuing leisure and extracurricular activities.

parent saves huge amount of money if the child is homeschooled which can be invested in other beneficial options for the child. Homeschooling comes with an added advantage of better parent-child relationship as a parent gets more time to spend with their child.

As a result, the bonding between the two is strengthened and the parents can let go off the worries about separation from their child due to regular schooling. Nonetheless homeschooling has several shortcomings as well. Homeschooling does not give the child a chance to join activities and clubs which are common in a regular school.

The child does not get a chance to socialize with kids of his own age. In a regular school a child can realize his talents and polish them further but at home, such opportunities are limited. Regular schooling gives a child opportunity to learn how to behave in a society. Such exposure to the society and culture is somewhat limited if the child is homeschooled. Both options are equally alluring and beneficial depending on a particular situation.