Household Tasks for Little Helpers

As soon as your child is old enough to understand what helping means, you can begin to encourage her cooperative spirit. Start off by including her in whatever task you are doing in her presence. But always remember that the objective of given her task is not to save your time but to teach her skills of responsibility.

In fact, having your child join in the chores will probably increase rather than decrease your workload at first. But all the explanations and supervision will be worth in the long run, when you end up with a youngster who has learned how to share the family workload and has gained confidence in the process.

From her earliest years, your child will pick up her toys to please you, but one day, she may start to put away her belongings because she finds tidiness satisfying. The first thing you should do to encourage orderliness is to organize your youngster’s possessions so that they will be easy for her to care for.

You can even help your youngster start taking care of her things by making it part of a playful joint activity. However, it is very important   to explain just why things should be tidied up. Initially your youngster will not be able to put things in order but she will be slowly mastered in the following years.

She will still require some supervision, although it may be enough for her to call you when she finishes her job and is ready for your inspection. You can encourage her for doing the job so well. Taking care of clothing and making of bed can also be learned in the similar manner.

Make sure that taking care of her possessions is incorporated into your preschooler’s daily routine.Once your child understands a chore that has been assigned to her and has done it comfortably a few times, she needs to feel that she is responsible for it.

You should resist the temptation to pick up her toys if she is slow to do it, give her as much of a chance possible to do it herself. As your youngster follows you around, let her play and imitate you. By imitating your child have a chance to practice a wide range of emerging skills. Soon you will find that your child has slowly grown a sense of responsibility in her.

geeta krishnan