How Can I Tell If My Baby Is Kicking Or Punching In Womb ?

How Can I Tell If My Baby Is Kicking Or Punching In WombEvery expectant mother eagerly waits for the first movements of the baby. The regular kicking and other movements of the baby is a gentle reminder to everybody that the little one is growing fast and is developing beautifully.

The baby usually starts making the first movements after 2 months from the day of the last period. But at the point they are not strong enough and it might go fully unnoticed. Once the movement starts it is very difficult to distinguish between genuine baby movements and gas. As the pregnancy progresses, the level of kicking and punching just goes up steadily.

First Movements

On an average the expectant mother will feel the first movements of the baby in the womb after 16 weeks from the time of your last period. If this is your second baby, then you may feel the movements a little bit earlier as you are in a better position to distinguish between baby kicks and cramps.

Again, if the placenta is attached to the front of the uterus then you may have to wait for the first movements a bit longer as most of the kicks and punches will be muffled by the placenta. At first the baby will make fine movements which will feel like taps and flutters. It will be very hard for you to notice them but if you sitting or lying in bed then you may feel the first tiny movements of the baby in the womb.

Frequency Of Movements

As the baby grows the taps and flutters will become stronger and regular. You will soon notice that the taps has made way for the kicks and punches of the baby. These movements will gradually become more frequent and stronger. There will be many days and hours when you will not feel the little movements but this is something which is absolutely normal. There is no need to feel sad or get tensed about. By the time you are six months pregnant, you will find that the kicks and punches follow a recognizable pattern.

Count The Kicks!

As soon as the 7th month of your pregnancy begins, it is imperative that you count the number of baby kicks on a daily basis. Medical experts opine that a pregnant mother must lie on her side and count the number of kicks. She must do it and keep a record of the number of kicks to ensure that the baby is developing healthily. If the baby is in excellent health then the little one will punch and kick you around 10 times in 2 hours.

Watch for The Bulge!

As soon as you reach the eighth month of pregnancy, you can look out for an impression of a foot in your belly. The baby, by now, must have gained enough strength and it is actually possible to see the kicks and punches from the outside. The bulge in the belly is an exciting phase for any pregnant woman. In fact, we will share an exciting tip with you here. If you manage to see an impression of a foot or hand on your belly then just give it a gentle push. You will be pleasantly surprised as the baby will certainly kick or push back.