How Changing Your Diet Can Influence The Sex Of Your Baby

Influence The Sex Of Your BabyA pregnancy is one of the most exciting phases of a woman’s life and though it is a natural process yet there are a number of complex processes that take place in communion with each other to result a healthy pregnancy.

It is also a common curiosity among couples to know the sex of the unborn baby or ways in which they can determine the sex of the baby before it is conceived.  Though these things happen in absolutely natural ways on which human beings can have least influence yet years of research have found out means in which we may control certain natural processes to an extent.

It should be mentioned here that the sex of the fetus is determined right at the moment of conception and it can’t be changed at a later point. To influence the sex of your baby you must take steps prior to your conception and diet may play an important role in influencing the sex of your baby.

What Determines Sex of your Baby?

These are very interesting facts which must be understood properly if you want a baby with the sex of your choice. The male partner carries both X and Y chromosomes either of which will pair up with one of the X chromosomes of the female.

The female carries XX chromosomes and therefore it is always one X chromosome from the female and either an X or Y chromosome from the male which pairs up together to form a XX combination for a female baby or a XY combination for a male baby.

The germ cells in the testicles of the males go through a series of multiple divisions to form equal sets of X and Y chromosomes. Though it is the chromosome from the male partner which is responsible but the female reproductive environment is actually responsible to influence which chromosome carrying sperms will be able to fertilize the ovum.

The Y chromosomes are weaker and acidic environment hampers their flow thereby favoring the X chromosomes to travel faster and fertilize the egg thus making it favorable for a baby girl. An alkaline environment along with deep penetration sex may help the Y chromosomes to reach the egg faster to favor the conception of a baby boy.

Change your Diet to Influence the Sex of your Baby

Diet can to an extent influence the sex of your baby by either making your vaginal environment acidic or alkaline. Remember these dietary changes will only improve the chances of determining the gender of your baby but are subject to other factors as well. Therefore it’s not a cent percent guarantee. The following guidelines may help you to determine the sex of your baby through diet.

Preparing for pregnancy is better option as you can properly plan for many things and take care of various aspects. Begin to follow a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits like smoking and alcohol and take a balanced nutritious diet along with enough rest and sleep.

Diet favoring a Baby Girl

To favor the conception of a baby girl the environment must be made acidic. Calcium and magnesium rich foods are considered to be favorable for the X chromosomes. Milk, milk products, eggs, grapefruit, apples, tangerines, salt free foods, lettuce and carrots are some examples of foods that you can consider taking more when you are trying to get pregnant.

Diet favoring a Baby Boy

Take foods that will create an alkaline environment and such foods are salted meat products, fish, potatoes, rice, sausages, beans, tomatoes, sweet corn, bananas, peaches, apricots and melons. Take foods that are rich in sodium and potassium.

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