How Having A Baby Changes Your Life?

Parenthood is a beautiful feeling. It is wonderful to have a child with the one you love and build a life together. There is a wonderful feeling associated with a decision to start a family together. A sense of responsibility creeps in and you tend to make a lot of life changing decisions keeping in mind the goodwill of the child.But you should be able to accept some unwanted alterations in your lifestyle. There will be severe changes in your daily routine and you should be mature enough to accept those with pleasure and not have any second thoughts about it.

You will be dead tired in the first few months itself. Babies have an unwanted fame of not allowing their parents to sleep, yearning for food every five minutes and spoiling the diaper in every ten minutes or so. This takes a heavy toll on both the parents and it is very common sight to see one of the parents getting very stressed out.

The parents become really stressed out after the constant crying and screaming of the child throughout the night. During this period, the parents of the child must speak with each other so that they can survive the stressful period together. The first 2 – 3 months will be stressful but all tension will ease out as you slowly get into the groove.

Many of your relatives will demand to see the new addition in your family and you simply cannot say no. This adds a set of whole new problems. You simply cannot say ‘no’ to the requests of your relatives. So it is a good idea to get a baby sitter. But then you need to be careful regarding whom you appoint. This is a big hassle but everyone goes through it.

The arrival of the baby will have a sorry effect on some of your friendships. New parents don’t have the time to keep on meeting their friends after a baby is born and the friends who do not have kids will find it hard to accept the sudden change in your attitude. So you actually get to see who your real friends are.

Parenting can be a hellish experience if you do not know how to handle it and if you are not ready for it. But don’t be panicky and accept all the changes and you will do just fine.