How I Overcame Pregnancy Related Foot Pain

How I Overcame Pregnancy Related Foot PainPregnancy has been a tumultuous and exhilarating experience for me. Being a mother of a 2-year-old girl, I can safely say that my pregnancy was not the easiest and I did experience all the typical symptoms of pregnancy.

My morning sickness was the worst. It ravaged my insides and I had to seek hospital admission on one occasion. The second trimester was quite comfortable and I could enjoy the perks of being an expectant mom.

Pregnancy related foot pain is fairly common among women and I did suffer from it during my last trimester. The doctor had told me that foot pain occurred due to excessive water retention and the weight of the baby, which was putting pressure on my feet.

I am petite and although I did not gain too much weight, the extra weight was nevertheless uncomfortable. Here is my journey on coping with foot pain and how I overcame it.

How I Overcame Pregnancy Related Foot Pain

Taking Frequent Breaks

I have always been an active person and continued with my household chores right till the 9th month. This led to a lot of swelling and edema in my feet. The doctor asked me to take frequent breaks and so I took rest breaks in between. Too much of sitting and standing can lead to pregnancy edema. Hence, it is very important to take breaks.

Foot Elevation

The extra weight of the baby coupled with the water retention can lead to excruciating foot pain. I used to find tremendous relief by elevating and putting my feet up. Place your feet on 2-3 comfortable pillows for a couple of hours for best results. This will immediately bring down the swelling.

Foot Massag

I found tremendous solace from having my feet massaged. I made full use of the pampering and used to go in for regular pedicures as the massage helped to relax me. A foot massage by a trained hand reduces swelling and restores blood circulation to the tired foot.


I feel that the best way to alleviate pregnancy related foot pain is to walk. Walking keeps your weight in check. If you do not gain too much weight, the problem of foot pain will not arise in the first place. Walking also restores blood circulation to the foot and helps to reduce the water retention that is causing the foot pain.

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Drinking Water

Drink enough water. Drinking water will remove harmful toxins and prevent binging, which will eventually keep your weight in check. Fluids also keep oedema at bay.

Foot Inserts

Although I got tremendous relief from the above steps, a number of podiatrists recommend the use of orthopaedic foot inserts. These inserts give support to your soles especially if you are suffering from flat feet due to the extra weight of the baby.

Compression Socks

Try to wear compression socks especially during the times when your feet are resting. I had brought a couple of compression socks during my pregnancy and they gave me a lot of relief from the swelling and the foot pain that I experienced during my last phase of pregnancy.

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