How Mental Conditioning Can Effect an Effortless Childbirth

What actually comes in your mind when you think of childbirth? The picture that is generated instantly is that of a lady screaming in pain and despair while a scissors wielding doctor and other staffs surround her. This is a fearful enough scene to discourage you from even becoming pregnant. Fear, panicky, scared, ordeal etc. are some of the terms that have come to be associated with childbirth. For some “surviving” the event of childbirth is considered an achievement.

So, how are all these wrong and negative thoughts generated or how have gone into your mind? May be because, you may have seen a woman screaming in pain during labor in one of the movies you have watched. Or it may have been due to the much exaggerated tales of women who had experienced a not-so-pleasant childbirth. These things have gone so deep into your mind that you instantly generate a horrific picture of childbirth. Since most childbirth fears and apprehensions stems from your psychology, a mental conditioning is required before childbirth so that you are better prepared for the big event.

Mental conditioning before childbirth will actually help you develop a correct and better picture of childbirth and you will undergo the process of childbirth without much pain and effort. Remember that a woman’s body is a wonderful machine and has been naturally given the ability and power to conceive, carry a baby and deliver the baby. As such, there need not be any extra concerns when it comes to childbirth.

Childbirth complications are exceptions, but when everything is normal, fears are totally unwarranted. There are women who make claims of painless childbirth. Painless childbirth is not a myth. By painless she means with greater ease and without much effort and it does not connote a total absence of pain. Hear about from such mothers. May be your own mom may have had an effortless time while delivering you and your siblings.

It also helps when you think yourself in terms of a female species. Have you ever thought how effortlessly your pet dog gives birth to a bunch of puppies? Surely, you wouldn’t have called in a veterinary doctor! Remember that birthing is just a natural process with every female species.

Taking up birthing classes will also help you in erasing any negative impression of childbirth.