How Not To Become Pregnant

There are many women for whom getting pregnant is a dream come true. But there are still many for whom it may be a nightmare come true because they just aren’t ready for any added responsibility right now.

Prevention is always better than trying to run around finding the perfect cure. This is so very true for those who want to avoid pregnancy. If you are careful enough about this resolution, then you can always be safe. If you are not careful then you will have to go for pregnancy termination which is the worst life altering experience for any woman. So how to avoid getting pregnant? Here’s how:

The best solution is to always use contraceptives – birth control pills, condoms, sponge, birth control shots etc. Using contraception methods are quite easy, all you need is to visit a health professional near you. But while using a contraceptive you need to be very careful about many things such as – if it is a pill that you are using then you have to take it every day without fail. Even one day can create all the difference.

If you are taking any antibiotics then your contraception may fail. So during such instance always make sure condom is used by the male partner.

The second best method to avoid unwanted pregnancy is to stay away from penetrative sex. There are so many other ways by which you can enjoy your sexuality with your partner. Whatever method you are using just make sure the sperm doesn’t come anywhere near theb

One of the most used pills to avoid pregnancy these days is not the birth control pill, but the ‘morning after pill’ which is also known as Plan B. But remember it may not work if you take it more than 24 hours after intercourse (some pills work for 72 hours too).

You can also spend some time understanding the female reproduction process and thereby concentrate on the ‘ovulation period’ of the female cycle. It is said that females are most fertile during this time and all other days are safe. This is not true.

You need to understand that the female egg can survive for a maximum of 2 days in the fallopian tube, whereas a sperm can survive 7 days inside the female body. This simply means that the female can get pregnant if sex was performed even seven days before the ovulation day. So may be the best time to have sex would be after the 3rd or 4th day after the ovulation.