How to Assemble your Baby’s First-Aid kit

As a new parent you want your baby’s medical supplies to be kept ready and handy in case your little one falls ill suddenly. A first-aid kit is one of the most important items parents of new born babies and infants must have with them.

Although there are many pre-packaged first aid kits for babies available commercially, they rarely contain all items needed in a first aid kit. You can easily build a comprehensive and customized first aid kit exclusive to the needs of your baby.

To start building a custom first-aid kit for your baby, you can buy a commercial kit from the market and then add medicines or supplies as per your baby’s needs. Since a commercial kit contains all basic items needed in a first-aid kit it will make your job of building a comprehensive medical kit much easier.

Store all first-aid medical supplies in a zippered diaper bag or a tightly sealed container. Store the kit in a cool dry place with no direct exposure to sunlight as some medications may degenerate when they are left in extreme low or high temperatures.

Also, ensure the first-aid kit remains out of reach from your baby as you do not want your little one to accidently open any medication bottle and put things into his/her mouth.

Your first-aid kit must definitely contain the contact details of your baby’s pediatrician. Infant thermometers and medicines for fever and pain as prescribed by the pediatrician are critical too.

Since babies are prone to falling and getting small cuts and wounds, ensure you have sterile bandages and antibiotic ointments in your first-aid kit. Babies are also prone to stuffy nose and this can make them very uncomfortable.

For this, saline nose drops and a nasal bulb must be included in the first-aid kit. If your baby is prone to colic and other digestion problems, your first-aid kit must include the medicines prescribed by your doctor for this problem.

Antihistamine creams or medications as prescribed by the doctor are required to treat insect bites, skin rashes and sun-burn and must be part of your baby’s first aid kit.