How To Avoid A Cesarean Section

Avoid A Cesarean Section Cesarean sections are becoming frighteningly common with 1 in 3 women giving birth via a c-section in US alone. This has been fuelled by moneymaking practises by most hospitals. Most hospitals are looking for a profit from their patients and getting c-sections done is one route.

This is because a c-section is like a normal surgery and hence is a more costly procedure. Having a c-section is advantageous in cases where there are foreseen complications. In normal cases, however, c-section can be largely avoided.

Having an unnecessary c-section makes you vulnerable to infection, scarring, uterine rupture and prolonged recovery. You may also have medical complications years later. You can avoid a c-section by some definite ways. Here are some of them.

How To Avoid A Cesarean Section

Get to Know Your Doctor

One of the best ways to prevent a c-section is to find out all the details of your doctor. See his/her record for number of c-sections conducted for that year. Do ask him/her for an opinion on c-sections. Quite a few honest and upfront doctors do not advocate c-sections and actually encourage you to birth normally.

Also, check your hospital policies. Some hospitals actually pressurize their doctors to conduct more c-sections in order to make a profit. In this regard, educating yourself and finding a doctor and good hospital can reduce your chances of having a c-section.

Exercise During Pregnancy

One way of upping your chance of having a normal delivery is by eating healthy and exercising regularly. Exercising will help to ease labour and make delivery much easier on the mother.

Avoid Understaffed Hospitals

Hospitals that are understaffed tend to give more preference to c-sections as they are quicker. Find a doctor who will give you all the time and attention that you need. This will ensure that you have a patient and trustworthy doctor who will stand by you during a difficult labour.

Handling Breech Positions

Some doctors are highly competent in reversing breech positioned babies. If your doctor appears confident, give him/her a chance to reverse the breech position and then go ahead with a normal delivery. Be wary of doctors who immediately recommend a c-section just because your baby is in a breech position.

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VBAC (Vaginal Birth after C-sections)

Some hospitals are proficient in conducting normal deliveries especially after you have had a c-section. Opt for these hospitals, as they will always have experienced doctors and nurses. Many doctors are ignorant and not competent to handle a normal delivery after a c-section due to the fear of uterine rupture. Medical advancements have shown that such fears are unfounded and women can have normal deliveries after a c-section.

Get Support During Labour

Make sure you have well trained nurses and doulas during your labour that will encourage you and treat you well during the difficult phase of labour. Most women chicken out of normal deliveries out of fear. However, if you have tonnes of support, you will be more assured and confident.

It also helps if women are educated about labour and childbirth as they can ask intelligent questions and take errant doctors to task.

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