How To Avoid Excessive Weight Gain During Pregnancy?

There are many questions in mind of a pregnant woman. One of the most common things that come into her mind is the worry of excessive weight gain during pregnancy. For obvious reasons, women have to increase her diet for the good health ob baby and so it is very likely for her to gain weight. It is necessary to keep a good check at what ever you eat and do during pregnancy as it has a direct affect on your weight during pregnancy.

Usually, women needs to increase about 300 calories intake per day but it also depends on the pre pregnancy weight, activity level of women and her body type as well. To guide a pregnant women right about nutrition, it is necessary to know about her history of her eating habits.

It is normal to gain at least 5 pounds in the first trimester but it may increase up to 10 pounds. In some of the cases, when women vomit, she loses weight. Weight during pregnancy is not at all harmful for you as well as for the baby but weight loss after the pregnancy is a tough job.

Nutritional guideline for pregnant lady does include a lot of food but healthy one. Use of skim milk, watching the size of your servings, whole grains can really help to keep a check on weight. Three ounce of meat is not really much and you must have it to have a good protein diet. If you buy an eight ounce cheese pack, cut it into 8 pieces and eat one at a time.

As it is always advised, drinking loads of water is good for health and also it is good for digestion plus keeps the stomach full. Make sure you drink at least 12 glasses of water daily. Try to Avoid large meals, nibble on anything healthful and follow up an exercise regimen would help you gain right amount of weight. So now that you know how to keep a check on your weight do not be obsessive about it. Having a baby is a god gift so don’t mind gaining a bit of weight.