How to Avoid Excessive Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy takes effect as the new life within begins to grow in size and take shape. A healthy woman adds an extra 25–35 pounds during the course of her pregnancy. Any addition beyond this can lead to health issues affecting both the expectant mother and the unborn baby. Birth defects and stillbirths, delivery complications, gestational diabetes are few of these health issues associated with excessive weight gain during pregnancy.

As such, being overweight and obese is harmful to not only your health but also the baby’s. Most women have this tendency to gain excess weight during these nine months. This is because you have been advised to eat more, rest more, sleep more, and avoid stressful physical activity. However, you should also be watchful of your weight lest you may end up being associated with one of these pregnancy complications.

Now that you have known the negative effects of excessive weight during pregnancy, let’s address the issue of how to avoid excessive weight gain during pregnancy. First of all, it is really important for you to monitor your weight. Your doctor will be able to tell you your ideal weight during the course of your pregnancy. So go for regular check ups. Your doctor is the best person to tell you if you are gaining extra weight or not. It is also not a bad idea to invest in a weighing machine.

Secondly, follow a recommended diet plan. Again your healthcare practitioner is the most qualified person to recommend you the best pregnancy diet. Such a diet is well balanced and contains all essential nutrients in the right proportion which is also required for the baby. Generally, you should avoid junk and fatty foods. You should also refrain from consuming fried foods, soft drinks, as well as desserts as much as possible. Consuming alcoholic drinks is also best avoided.

Lastly, to avoid weight gain during pregnancy you may take up a light exercise regime. And it is not at all required for you to join a gym or other fitness centers. The idea is not develop a toned body but to stay healthy. So you can take up swimming. Also, you may go for morning or evening walks.