How to Avoid Flattened Head for Your Newborn

Do you think that the head of your newborn is out of shape? Or have you recently noticed that your infant is getting flat on the back of her head? In normal situation flattened head should not be a big concern for new parents. Usually this condition of the head occurs, when it receives some amount of pressure for any reason.

Sometime during the delivery the birth canal might be so narrow that the newborn has to push to get out causing an elongated or flattened head. However, this deformation is not going to stay for long. For infant babies, this might be the result of putting them at the back or side for most of the time of the day, whenever they sleep.

To take care of this problem, you have to keep changing the sleeping position for your baby. For everyday, you have to repeat the positions. Suppose at the morning if your baby sleeps on the back, next time make him sleep on his right and when he sleeps again put him on his left. You have to put extra pillows on his sides and back properly, so that he cannot change his position while he is asleep.

Be careful and frequently check that his nose and mouth are not getting covered by pillow or sheet. During the day time, you can do this position changing, but it is better to put him on his back during night time, as you may not be able to inspect frequently. While he is awake and happy, you may keep him on his tummy, as this position offers lots of benefits for him.

If you can continue these sleeping positions for consistently, then you will notice that your baby’s head is gradually taking the normal shape. You can also buy small bean bag to put under the head as a pillow for your infant. Many elderly people suggest this technique saying that it helps to shape the child’s head. However, before using any accessories you must take permission from your pediatrician.

But, if you notice that this deformation is not going away easily, then you should consult the physician regarding this. Your baby might have some other serious problem like abnormal neck muscles, for which the head might remain tilted at one side. This problem can be cured with a course of physical therapy under an expert practitioner.