How To Avoid Hypertension During Pregnancy

How To Avoid Hypertension During PregnancyAre you pregnant  ? If yes, then that’s a good piece of news. You must be experiencing some discomforts, which is quite obvious and normal with every pregnant woman.

But the thought of germination of new life within you must be acting as a soother; and motivating you to tread along this difficult period. You tend to ignore these minor discomforts but if you start experiencing the following symptoms then you might be suffering from hypertension.

Symptoms of Hypertension During Pregnancy 

Headache, swollen hands and feet, complete blackout or a sudden flash of light in front of eyes for few seconds, difficulty in vision, slight ache in the upper part of the abdomen, less urination, breathlessness. These symptoms indicate pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH), in which systolic blood pressure exceeds 140 mm and disystolic blood pressure exceeds 90 mm.

If disystolic blood pressure crosses 110mm, then it is alarming and needs immediate medical supervision. But the silver lining in the black cloud is that certain precautions and medical treatments can alleviate the condition thus helping the patient to not reach the critical state.

Ways to Avoid Hypertension During Pregnancy

Be aware of the medical history of PIH in your genes: As soon as you conceive, try to gather information whether your mother or your maternal grandmother suffered from hypertension during pregnancy. If the answer is positive, then the chance of your suffering too increases many folds.

But making your gynecologist aware of your family history timely proves very beneficial in taking precautionary steps. In such a case, the doctor usually prescribe 60 mg aspirin from 13th to 26th week of pregnancy, which must be taken strictly according to doctor’s advice, even if the symptoms of hypertension do not appear.

Timely and Thorough Medical Checkups

Timely and regular checkup of blood pressure and urine sample of the patient helps in the early detection of the presence of albumin protein in it.

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Early detection helps timely medical intervention which fairly reduces the chances of the patient to reach the critical state.

Calcium and Protein Intake

According to medical researchers, one of the reasons for causing hypertension during pregnancy is due to lack of sufficient calcium and proteins in the body. So taking 2mg of calcium supplement under the guidance of the doctor besides regular diet can help in avoiding the problem. During this condition, it becomes equally necessary to increase the intake of vitamin D which aids in the absorption of calcium in the body.

Appropriate Diet

In case of pregnancy induced hypertension, there is no need to restrict the normal intake of salt and water as is the case with the patients suffering from hypertension permanently. Eating fruits like water melon and litchi particularly helps the patients with high blood pressure.


Yoga proves very helpful in combating the problem of PIH. Joining some yoga classes and doing simple breathing exercises and some particular aasansas under the supervision of some trained professional helps a lot in this problem.