How To Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when you eagerly look forward to your first step towards motherhood. However, as your pregnancy period progresses, your fetus develops in the womb and this causes tremendous pressure over the skin of your stomach which continues to grow in size.

Such pressure would eventually lead to marks throughout your tummy. Around 90% pregnant women face stretch mark problems.

Important factors responsible for causing stretch marks:

Stretch marks can occur due to genetic reasons. If you gain excessive weight during pregnancy, it could lead to stretch marks. You could also experience stretch marks if you are going through multiple pregnancies or are overweight. If you have been pregnant before, the stretch marks from that pregnancy could reappear.

How can Stretch Marks be prevented?

You can avoid pregnancy marks if your skin elasticity improves and you maintain a healthy skin. You could massage lotions, creams or almond oil over your belly. This will improve blood circulation and will prevent stretch marks. You must massage gently so that the oil reaches deep into your skin.

You can consume food which nourishes the skin like nuts and fish. Such food is full of zinc and improves your skin elasticity. You could also eat coloured fruits, vegetables, milk and carrots. These contain vitamin A and E which are very important for keeping your skin healthy.

If you scrub your skin while bathing, it will improve blood circulation and prevent such marks. You must also drink a lot of water when you are pregnant so that your skin stays hydrated and does not stretch.

If you perform some mild stretching exercises, it would be good for your developing baby and will make your skin healthy. You could avoid consuming excess oily and fatty foods as it would help you to prevent gaining weight thus causing fewer  marks.

It would be wise to avoid these marks before they appear during your pregnancy. Although stretch marks are mostly inevitable, if you take prevention measures at an early stage they will reduce their occurrence considerably. If you are a responsible mother, you must concern yourself with your child’s well being and also look after yourself in all ways possible.


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