How To Bathe An Infant

Bathing your baby in water can be challenging task for most parents. However with practice and routine, this activity can turn enjoyable for you and your baby. By following the steps outlined in this article you will be able to bathe your baby confidently.

Once your baby’s umbilical cord falls off, you can start bathing him/her with water in your kitchen sink or in a baby bath tub. It is not necessary to bathe an infant daily, twice or thrice a week should be sufficient to keep your baby clean. You can use plain water or a mild moisturizing soap to wash your baby.

Collect all bath essentials needed beforehand such as bathtub filled with lukewarm water, towel, clean and dry washcloths, diapers, clothes, etc. Fill the bath tub with 2 to 3 inches of lukewarm water, the water must not be too hot. Undress your baby and while doing so remember to turn off the air conditioning in your home.

You may want to keep the air conditioning turned off till you have finished bathing and drying your baby as this will prevent your baby from catching a chill.

Now, immerse your baby in the bath tub with the legs going in first, using your hand to support your baby’s head and torso. To secure your baby further, hold him/her tightly under the armpit while offering support to your baby’s head all the time. Keep pouring lukewarm water on your baby’s body throughout the bath as this will help keep your baby warm and comfortable.

Clean your baby thoroughly from top to bottom and from front to back with a wet washcloth. When cleaning your baby, pay special attention to the areas under the arms, behind the ears and the neck. Rinse your baby with cupfuls of water and wipe him/her with a dry towel.

It is also necessary to clean your baby’s genital area thoroughly with water to prevent diaper rash and maintain good hygiene. Carefully lift your baby from the bath tub with one hand supporting the baby’s head and neck, while the other hand tightly supporting your baby’s bottom. Wrap your baby in a towel and ensure you only pat dry your baby gently.