How to Breast Feed

Before each feed wash the nipples and surrounding area with clean boiled water.Wash and dry your nipples again after each feed. Keeping your nipples clean and dry will ensure that you do not get cracked nipples.

Sit in a comfortable position to breast feed the baby. If you are not comfortable and relaxed and are tense or uncomfortable, your baby will be too. Your milk will not flow easily and this will distress both the baby and you . During the first few days you may not be able to sit up and it is also not necessary. Lie on your side with the baby’s head raised on your arm.

With your other hand hold your breast between your index finger and middle finger lightly to help the baby get a good hold on your nipple and also to ensure that his nose is free to breathe and is not smothered by your breast.

When you can sit up again you will find that position easier for feeding. Again support his head with one arm and hold your breast with the fingers of the other hand. Feed the baby first on one breast and let him empty it before giving him the other breast. At his next feed give him the second breast first so that one breast is well emptied at each feed. If you make sure that your breast is well emptied in this way you will surely have enough milk for the baby.

Some babies suck very well and get their full feed easily an six to eight minutes. Others especially during the first two weeks, suck a little and fall asleep. You must not give up or else the baby will wake up and cry for another fed within half an hour or so. Wake him/her up by tickling the soles of the feet. , Hold the infant up on the shoulder to burp him and then try again.till you find that he is just not interested in a feed.

Feeding is especially important in weak and small babies,that is those weighing two kg and below. They will surely reuire all you time and patience .