How To Buy A Suitable Baby Crib

When you are expecting a baby, one of the most important things that you will need to buy is a baby crib. Since a baby crib is an essential part of baby furniture and is also an expensive purchase, do ensure that the crib you select is the right one for your infant. A baby crib is important from a safety and comfort point of view.

There are many varieties of baby cribs available in the market and online. This article is meant to be a mini-guide to help you select the right type of baby crib.

The most important feature in a baby crib is its adherence to federal safety norms. Ensure you are familiar with the dimensions and safety standards prescribed by federal rules and check if the crib you are selecting meets all these standard requirements. You can also ask the sales person about the various safety features in the crib and they should be able to tell you if the crib meets desired safety standards.

There must be no broken or missing parts in the crib and absolutely no decorative cutouts or large holes in the head and foot-boards as these can trap the baby’s head or legs, causing a life-threatening situation.  Also, check the stability of the crib by shaking it, if it is too wobbly then it is definitely not suitable to hold a sleeping infant.

Since a baby crib is an expensive purchase, you want to make it last as long as possible. A great way to add value to your purchase is to buy convertible cribs. Convertible cribs offer you the flexibility of converting baby cribs to toddler beds and also to full-size adult beds. Though a convertible bed can cost a little more, it is a great option since you can hope to use the crib for several years.

From a convenience point of view, a crib with wheels is ideal. Such a crib will facilitate easy movement when you are cleaning or re-arranging your room. Ensure that the crib has adjustable mattress height features. New born babies require a higher mattress height and as your baby grows you will be lowering the mattress height level. Last but not the least, shop around to get the best deal for your baby crib.