How To Buy Baby Clothes

Every baby is a bundle of joy for their mother. Every mom has a whole list of wish lists for their babies. They want their babies to look the best and clothes are one of the ways of making them stand out from the rest of the mass.  Today market is flooded with ample number of clothing options.

There are various brands with exciting and fashionable designs which attracts parents.However, before impulsively buying any clothes for their darlings, parents must consider few tips. The most important factor to be considered before buying clothes for their babies is their comfort level .

Parents must buy clothes made from natural fibers like cotton. This hold true especially in case of humid and hot weather conditions. Secondly, the fabric should be very soft and should not have any rough edges. This is because, baby’s skins are very delicate and hence they can easily develop rashes.

During the first few months, babies grow very fast.Therefore, while buying new clothes for our babies, parents must –

  • Buy clothes which are one size bigger.
  • Not buy many clothes all together.

This is because, kid’s clothes are quite expensive and they outgrow their clothes very fast. As a result, all the clothes bought together become short at the same time.  Kids have a weak immunity and hence weak resistance power during their early days.

This makes them easy victims of cough and cold .Therefore; parents must buy and make their babies wear different set of clothes during different period of day .Like during hot summer day they need to wear light colored cotton clothes. While nights and evenings are comparatively colder and so babies must wear full sleeves and thicker fabric clothes.

The same holds true in case of cold mornings or when taking the kids to outdoors.  In case, parents are shopping for their newborns before their birth, then they must buy neutral and pastel shades of garments. This is because; these colors are unisex and can be worn in the cases, a girl child or a boy child.

Kids are very curious in their behavior. They have the habit of putting everything which is accessible into their mouth. This can be very dangerous. Therefore, while buying clothes parents must see to it that their kid’s clothes do not have any —

  • Loose fancy buttons
  • Detachable zip attachments
  • embellishments or hangings etc

There are various options available in the market. But parents must not do impulsive buying .They should always look for dresses which can be easily worn by the kid without any difficulty. Last but not the least; garments must be of good quality and should be always washed before using them.

Raka Raghuvanshi