How To Buy Bed For Toddler

When you have decided that your toddler is ready to move to a separate bed start looking for appropriate bed. Decide about the budget you can afford. There are wide ranges of toddler beds from cheap to designer series that cater to all pocket size. You can select beds made of wood or plastic, depending on your budget and style preference. Whatever is your choice, make sure that the bed is sturdy enough for your little one to jump and play. If you are selecting a wooden bed make sure that it is painted with no-toxic paints.

Some toddler beds are fitted with bed rails and others have bed rails that are detachable. It is desirable have the option of removing the bed rail as the little one grows up. Select a hard mattress with soft padding In most cases toddler beds come with mattress. If you do not have separate wardrobe or storage facilities for toddler or like to have extra storage space, then select toddler beds that come with storage drawers. This space is very useful for storing clothes, toys and other items of your toddler.

While selecting a bed for your toddler, make sure that it matches with overall décor of the room. Select from the wide array of finishes to suite your style. There are toddler beds offered within a furniture package made for the toddler. Toddler beds are usually low to the ground for allowing little ones to get on and off easily. Check the height and make sure if your little one is comfortable with it. If you are planning for a bunk bed then ensure safety of the toddler by allotting him the lower bunk.

Determine the right size while buying toddler bed. It would be wastage of money if your toddler outgrows the bed within months of buying it. Select from variety of shapes and themes like Tank Engine, Spiderman, Disney Princess and Fairies. You may also search online to know about the latest trends and designs of toddler beds available in the market. To make things simple you may select a plain wooden bed of appropriate height and size and personalize it in your own way with toddler bedding, accessories and paint.