How to Care for an Episiotomy Postpartum

During natural childbirth a surgical cut is made along the skin present between the vagina and rectum. This area is called the perineum and the surgical incision is called episiotomy. Making this cut eases the delivery of the baby. It is important to take care of the episiotomy after the delivery. The area remains sore for quite some time and proper care is necessary to help heal faster.

Under no circumstances should you touch the wound. There are plenty of bacteria even in clean hands and these could spread to the area causing severe infection. Infection can greatly ass to your discomfort. If you have to touch the wound to apply medicine do so only after washing your hands properly with a disinfectant soap.

Ice packs are a good way of reducing the soreness of the perineum. get the nurses to apply ice packs on the region soon after the delivery. Ice will help deal with the swelling. If there are no ice cubes available get a sanitary pad frozen in a tray.

The sanitary pad will shape up to fit you and its ice coolness will provide a lot of comfort. If you do this immediately upon delivery you will not need to do this once you are back home. However, in case of prolonged swelling you can apply ice packs even at home.

Many chemists have haemorrhoid pads available. You can wear these pads over your regular sanitary pads. Haemorrhoid pads are soaked in witch hazel solution which makes them perfect for reducing swelling in skin tissues and healing wounds.

Place at least five pads over the sanitary napkin. This will keep them in close contact with the perineum and consequently cause faster healing. Haemorrhoid pads can be changed along with each change of sanitary pad.To avoid the stinging sensation every time you urinate use peri-bottle.

Peri-bottle is available with all chemists. This is a squirt bottle that needs to be filled with lukewarm water. Squeeze the bottle when urinating. This will dissolve the acidity of urine and take away its sting.

The bottle can be even used to clean vagina and perineum after you are done urinating. Dry the area using a soft cotton towel so that the germs from the rectum do not infect the vagina. You can even use a dryer to dry the place if the area is too sensitive to touch.

Anubha Pandey