How To Choose The Best Baby Sitter For Your Baby

How To Choose The Best Baby Sitter For Your BabyYou want to give your baby in safe hands so it is very important to look for a good baby sitter for your baby who not only takes care of your baby but also treats the baby with love and care. OS before keeping a baby sitter there are few things which you need to keep in mind.

Baby sitter is becoming a need in today’s life style as women are also working and they need someone reliable to take care of their baby. Since they spend most of the time out of the house so they want someone to look after their baby. One option is to leave your baby in crèche and the second one is to keep a baby sitter who will take care of your baby in your house while you are away. But it is very tough to find a good baby sitter who not only takes care of the baby but also gives right education too to the baby.

Many incidents are found where the baby sitters are busy watching TV or reading magazine or busy talking over the phone instead of looking after the baby. They just simply ignore the crying baby or the hungry baby. SO it is very important to find out perfect pone for your child so that when you leave your baby in her hands you feel relaxed that your baby is in safe hands. Here are few tips which might help you to locate a nice baby sitter or the things which you should do before selecting a baby sitter for your baby.

Enquire about the baby sitter

Take all the information from the person or the agency which is providing you the baby sitter. It is very important to check all the information related to the baby sitter before keeping her. Take her phone number, home address and any other related information and get it cross checked with the police. Police verification is very important of the baby sitter. Try to find out where she used to work before and why did she leave the job in the earlier house. This way you will get a lot of information about the baby sitter.

Check the cleanliness of baby sitter

Since the baby sitter will spend all her time with your baby so cleanliness is very important to be checked out. Just check whether she is wearing clean clothes or not and her hands should also be clean. Teach her the habit of washing her hands regularly before picking up the baby. Make her wear clean washed clothes everyday because she will take the baby, make him eat with her hands and if she will not be clean then she will transfer infection to the bay with dirty hands. This way the baby might fall ill time and again because small babies get infected very easily due to dirt and dust.

Fix the baby sitter’s food

Along with the salary it is necessary to fix the food also of the baby sitter. Just tell her to bring her food from her home or if you a5re willing to give her food for the whole day then fix the amount and what she will eat. Otherwise she can misuse your absence and eat whatever she likes. Many baby sitters are smart enough that they eat the bay food and biscuits and the other stuff you will leave for your baby. SO it is very important to keep a check on her eating habits. Before leaving the house you cannot lock the kitchen so that she might not steal food because your baby will also need something or the other from the kitchen. But always give her limited access to the kitchen so that she does not steal anything.

Do not overburden her with work

Make her do only that amount of work which she can handle. If you will over burden her with other work she will be busy doing the jobs all the time and when will she take care of the child. Looking after the baby is her prime job, so keeping this thing in mind give her the tasks to do for the day. It would be better that you and the baby sitter decide before hand that whether she will just look after the bay or she will do some household chores too. If she is willing to do then give her some jobs and let her take care of the bay as it is more important.

Check whether she is literate or not

Check out whether she is literate or never keep an illiterate baby sitter, it is dangerous for you and the bay as well. If the baby sitter is educated she can read the names of the medicines and important phone numbers, so just in case of e=emergency she can give the required medicine if needed by reading its name or can call you if required. But if the baby sitter is uneducated she will not be able to handle these emergency situations smartly. Moreover educated baby sitter will teach your baby the basic ABC or read stories to the baby while taking care of the baby, this way it is very helpful to keep an educated baby sitter.

Baby sitter should be caring

In your absence the baby will need caring and loving hands which can look after the baby as well as you would, so it is important for the baby sitter to be caring in nature. The baby will not like to stay with any bad natured woman who will not treat him with love and affection. SO before keeping the baby sitter try to check out whether she is soft spoken and caring by nature or not.

Dos and Don’ts with baby sitter

Always behave nicely with your baby sitter so that in turn she also behaves nicely with your baby in your absence too. Keep an eye on the baby sitter by calling up at home regularly or paying a surprise visit from office just to check whether she is keeping your baby nicely or not. Give her emergency phone numbers where she can call in case of any emergency or problem.
Give her your baby’s diet chart and tell her to go according to that chart regularly.

Do not be suspicious all the time with the baby sitter, the need is to be alert and deal smartly with her. Never allow her to take the baby out all alone, always go along with her whenever she takes the baby out. Always keep your valuable things out of her approach and rather she should not even get to know where do you keep your keys and jewellery and cash, it is very risky.