How to Conceive Quickly

Once you have decided to have a baby and are actually planning for it you need to check your own self as well as your spouse. Yes it is true that the woman carries the baby; but the father does  have an important role to play.It is the father that provides the sperm so the father too needs to be physically fit in doing his share. If the father smokes regularly chances are that his sperm count is lower to that of a man who does not and this will make it more difficult to get pregnant. It is also necessary that the woman stop smoking long before she decides to have a baby.

Drinking alcohol also affects your body in case you are trying to conceive. This too lowers the sperm count and your basic sex drive decreases if you are drinking on a regular basis. If you are on any medication that is either of the partners talk to the doctor about the medication first before you try to conceive as your medication may affect your chances of conceiving and may also have an adverse effect on the baby if you do conceive.

When you are having sex make sure that you are doing it on your most fertile days. Your doctor can advice you on that. About nine days after your menstrual cycle should be good. Also do not have sex every night during that period. Allow a build up of sperms keeping a two day gap between each attempt.

After intercourse put your hips on a pillow and keep the legs slightly elevated. A good position when trying to have a baby is the one with the man on top. It is good to also cut down on your caffeine intake. Do not get stressed out if you are not pregnant in the first month of trying. As long as you follow these simple golden rules you are sure to succeed. It can take up to seven or eight months also. De stress yourself and enjoy the act. A good option would be to go on a vacation and relax yourself in the process of trying to have a baby.