How To Connect With The Baby In The Womb

How To Connect With The Baby In The WombThe foundation of a child’s personality starts developing right inside the womb. Some traits of his personality are hereditary and so can’t be influenced,while others are environmental dependant to which the foetus is exposed.

Here are some erudite tips to guide would be parents what to do and what to avoid during the tumultuous period of 9 months :

Communication Between Parents

Foetus understands mother’s happy or woeful state through the tone and mood of her voice. He can very well understand the the love and understanding between his parents through their communication and thus feel happy and secure.

So, both the partners must take care to maintain healthy relationship. Contrarily, restless movements inside the womb can be observed during the contentious moments between his parents. If the father talks to the baby regularly he’ll recognize his fathers voice too and this imparts in him a secure feeling.


Music has a healing effect. Result of many researches state that the child who is exposed to heart whelming music are more calm and balanced in nature. Moreover they enjoy a better sleep also. In the last trimester of pregnancy if the child is made to listen to some light music/song regularly, then the same music/song soothes the restless child even after birth.

The foetus likes to listen to the musical instruments with strings like guitar, violin. He/She also enjoys if the mother sings lullaby’s to him regularly. Moreover if the mother sings to the baby in different languages, it forms the basis of learning languages right inside the womb. In contradiction to this, if the child is exposed to some unpleasant sounds regularly, it develops fear and anger and the child tends to become a human being with negative approach, insecurity and is not friendly.


By seventh month of the development inside the womb, the taste buds of the child starts developing so he is able to differentiate the taste of different foods. The favorite taste of most of the unborn is the sweet taste while the taste of garlic in food is not liked by most, so prefer eating accordingly.

This will create an interest in the child towards food Also when mother starts having completely different diet after delivery, the newly born child is not receptive towards these new tastes so he does not relishes mother’s milk much. Avoid major alterations in your diet after delivery.

Bright light

How To Connect With The Baby In The Womb1

Foetus keeps his eyes closed most of the time inside the womb. So when the mother’s belly is exposed to bright light, the rays travel through the womb’s muscles, then to amniotic fluid and reach the foetus eyes. The baby gets irritated and tries to avoid very bright light. So going regularly to parties with loud music and bright light during pregnancy should be avoided.


From the fourth month, the foetus starts experiencing the touch. The foetus understands the loving touch of both mother and father. Whenever the mother feels her baby is restless in the womb, she should gently move her hand on her belly in the downward direction for some time. The baby calms down after a while.

Also immediately after birth, first five minutes are of utmost importance to create a loving bond between mother and child. As the child recognizes his mothers touch, so he should be held closely by her to make him feel secure, loved and protected. Most of the times these precious five minutes are utilised in cleaning, weighing and covering the baby in the delivery room. So devote this time in touching your baby and make him feel relaxed.