How To Control Eating Disorders In Children

Eating Disorders In ChildrenGenerally it is the habit of children to avoid eating vegetables and healthy foods. At the very sight of vegetables they start throwing tantrums and it is a real time task to make them eat food. But by trapping them or fooling them you can make them eat this nutritious food.

This is very easy to do with the help of these duping techniques. Use different forms of soups to attract them to food. Here are few fantastic soup ideas which you can use. So if you want to induce good food habits in your child and want to give an instant shot of energy then a cup of soup is the best way to do so.

Pleasure of eating homemade food

You can cook most of the dishes which they love to eat at home, thus making them nutritious and healthy to eat .Soup or snacks which they are fond of have lots of fats, preservatives and chemicals which are harmful for them.

So why not treat them with nutritious and healthy low fat food at home itself. It is just that you have to be a bit creative so that you can make a nice appealing dish for them at home by substituting fatty and harmful things with vegetables and healthy oils. This way you would be able to make them eat all the vegetables and save them from lifestyle related diseases like obesity etc.

Cook healthful soups for them

If they are not ready to eat vegetables in the form of cooked recipes, then the best way is to make healthy and nutritious soups for them, by adding vegetables to their soups. All the vegetables can be chopped finely and then cooked along with their favourite soups. Moreover the soups are more beneficial for them than cooked or fried vegetables.

Since the fibre content of vegetables is quite high they help in preventing constipation and acidity in kids. Moreover the best part is that the soups are very healthy diet with low calories for the children which they love to eat. The nutrients present in the soups are absorbed very easily by our body as they are present in either raw or boiled form, which is easily digestible.

Soups great dose of vitamins

There are many soups which are full of various vitamins and minerals like you can cook spinach soup which is a rich source of iron and vitamin A, C, and E. Same way pumpkin soup is full of iron, calcium and magnesium. Since the vegetables are not over cooked all the vitamins and the mineral content remains intact in the soups you cook at home. The best part is that they give a soothing and calm effect on the kids mind by relaxing the nerves.

Richness of anti-oxidants

They are very rich source of anti oxidants and help in improving the immunity system of your child’s body. Anti-oxidants save the body cells from the damage done by free radicals to our body. Anti oxidants also help in saving your child’s body from external pollutants like UV rays, sunrays and smoke etc. Thus help in keeping your child in best of health.

Techniques which can be used to control eating orders in children

Change the eating habits with the help of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

control eating orders in children

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is the most effective way to teach your kids the importance of eating healthy food. In this therapy the CBT therapist controls and monitors the opinions and beliefs which are restricting him from eating food. His job is to convert them into positive thought patterns so that the child starts eating healthy food lovingly. There are many   breathing and stress busting exercises which help in achieving control over the negative thoughts regarding food.

Make a diet chart with the help if Nutritional Psychoanalysis

It involves a combination of medical, nutritional as well as psychiatric therapy. In case your child is suffering from anorexia , bulimia or any other eating disorder then the nutritional consultation is all the more important. In Nutritional Psychoanalysis technique the child meets a dietician, who teaches him the benefits of eating healthy food and introduces a fun diet to your child. This diet is more or less based on his choice of foods in healthier form. Thus the child starts realising the importance of eating right and the psychological fear against food is also eradicated from his mind.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy along with social functioning

Here the psychologist talks to the child about his fears related to eating healthy food or overeating as the problem might be. Then he tries to identify the social pattern of his eating habits. There is a relation between overeating and starving with personal problems and unhealthy relations. Thus if we get to know these reasons then we can tell him that eating a lot when feeling sad is not right or starving just because your friends are not playing with you is totally wrong. Emotional ups and downs should not be linked with food that is what the child learns through interpersonal psychotherapy.

Induce supplements with the help of medications

This should be the last resort, after CBT and psychoanalysis therapy. If the child is still not ready to change his eating habits then you can go to a nutritionist and ask for nutritional supplements for your child. They can be integrated with the treatment of the eating disorder of the child in order to ensure further lack of nutrition in his body.

Some kids are being prescribed anti depressants, mood stabilizers or anti anxiety drugs so that their mood remains calm and they do not feel frustrated and start getting attracted towards eating healthy food. These medicines calm down the child’s mind by controlling the level of serotonin, thus making them relaxed and calm.

In the end if nothing works then the only way left out is to send him to residential care facility where he will get proper counselling about eating healthy food and various medical and psychiatric programs try to solve the problem of eating. But if an eating disorder is not allowed to aggravate and controlled at the right time there will be no requirement of sending your child to such places and you can cure the eating disorder at home only.

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control eating orders in children