How to Control Your Nausea During Pregnancy

Nausea is common occurrence during pregnancy. Almost every pregnant woman suffers from nausea at some stage of pregnancy. There are many women who feel extremely nauseatic throughout their pregnancy. This is called as morning sickness.

Although it is not necessary that you feel nauseatic only in the mornings. The nauseating feeling for some women can continue throughout the day or keep on resurfacing during the day.  There are many ways by which you can combat the nauseatic feeling. Although, total control of nausea wont be possible but you can control it to some extent.

Following are the tips that will help you to control nausea during pregnancy:

Mornings are considered to be worst by most of the expectant mothers. They feel extremely nauseatic during early mornings. Make it a point to eat something in the morning the moment you get up. It could be anything like light snack or cereals.

Make sure you do not eat oily stuff as it tends to make a person more nauseatic.

Drink water or other liquids in order to avoid dehydration of body.

Make sure you make ginger a part of your daily diet. Ginger helps in curing nausea to a major extent. Put ginger in your morning tea or in your food.

Even lime juice can be taken as it helps to control the giddiness.

Many women suffer from excessive nausea and vomiting. In that case, your health provider will recommend the dosage that will keep the nausea at bay.

You may also experience nausea due to some specific odor. Make sure you stay away from the odor at all times. You may also experience nauseatic after eating certain specific foods. Avoid eating those foods and eliminate them from your daily diet schedule.

Lack of proper sleep and rest can also increase the nausea feeling among the pregnant women. So, make sure you take adequate rest ad are stress free.

Do not drink alcohol or smoke during pregnancy. Also make sure that you stay away from caffeine.

Instead of eating a heavy meal, make sure that you eat 4-6 mini meals in a day. This will help you to digest properly and control nausea to certain extent.