How To Cope Up With Post-Baby Weight Loss

 Post-Baby Weight LossWhile weight gain is a very common problem after pregnancy, there also exist many cases where women have to face weight loss after pregnancy. This article discusses the reasons behind post baby weight loss in mothers and also suggests effective tips to cope up with it.

Reasons for Post Baby Weight Loss

Women lose significant amount of weight immediately after giving birth to the baby. This is because they lose pounds in the form of placenta, blood, amniotic fluid and of course the baby delivered. All the extra water that the cells of pregnant body retained will be looking for a way out after delivery. Women lose this weight in the form of urine and perspiration.

Sickness is another common reason that causes dramatic weight loss after pregnancy. Hyperemesis gravidarum is a common health condition in pregnancy that results in extreme weight loss during and after pregnancy.

It is characterized by sustained nausea, vomiting and dehydration in the pregnant woman. Other reasons for post baby weight loss include diseased conditions like HIV or other infections, and even eating disorders can lead to weight loss after pregnancy.

Tips to Cope up with Post-Baby Weight Loss

Weight loss after pregnancy is a serious issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible, so as to restore normal health condition of the mother. Listed below are some useful and effective tips to cope up with the post baby weight loss.

Increase Nutritious and High-Calorie Food Intake

Instead of increasing the volume of your food intake, it will be more effective if you can add nutritious and high calorie food to your diet. A good balance of proteins and healthy fats will be an ideal combination.

Foods like peanut butter, whole nuts and seeds, avocados, dairy and meat products will be very effective. Also, use healthy fat oils like olive oil and flax seed oil. All these will help you in gaining weight the right way.

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Add Extra Calories to Your Meals

Adding extra calories to your meals is a simple way to cope with post baby weight loss. A breast feeding mother needs extra calories and nutrition to cater to the needs of her baby.

You can add cheese to your favorite vegetables, dishes and dressings with salads. You can also increase your calorie intake by adding dried milk to your soup bases without force feeding yourself with extra amounts of food.

Have Frequent, Small Meals

This is an easy and effective way to gain weight in a healthy way. Taking frequent meals will ensure that you are gaining plenty of calories and nutrients that are required to maintain healthy metabolism levels. This will also help  in avoiding storage of bad fats in your body.

Increase Your Strength Levels

Strength training is an important aspect of weight gain because it will keep your metabolism levels optimum and also ensures that the weight you are gaining is lean muscle tissue, not fat. Therefore, add enough strength to your exercise sessions. This will in turn increase your appetite.

Drinking milk after exercising promotes weight gain and fat loss. So, the breast feeding mothers should drink milk after their strength training, in addition to the five recommended daily servings of dairy foods.

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