How To Cope With An Ectopic Pregnancy

How To Cope With An Ectopic PregnancyIn simple language word Ectopic means out of place. So you can make out what Ectopic pregnancy means. Yes, when fertilized egg doesn’t enters the uterus and start growing outside it, in fallopian tube. Ectopic pregnancy is also known as tubal pregnancy.

In normal pregnancy the fertilized egg enters the uterus and start growing there, where there is lot of room for fetus to grow. Whereas in Ectopic pregnancy fertilized egg start growing in fallopian tube or it can even enter ovary or abdomen or cervix. In ectopic pregnancy 1% of pregnancies are the case where implantation is not occurring inside of the womb, and of these 98% occur in the Fallopian tubes.

In Ectopic pregnancy it is regularly a piece of mass of tissue, shaped like a grape, derived from an egg with incomplete genetic information that grows in the uterus. With the help of ultra sound you can detect the ectopic pregnancy after five weeks.

But if ectopic pregnancy is not analyzed at early stage then, with time as fertilized eggs will grows it can burst the organ that contains it. This can put mother’s life at danger by internal bleeding and shock. If tube burst then its strength to carry egg in future can be reduced.

Reasons Behind Ectopic Pregnancy

Reasons behind Ectopic pregnancy are still unidentified. Doctors still consider that this can take place due to chance. Before blaming yourself for ectopic pregnancy lets highlight the reasons behind them. When fertilized egg is not able to reach uterus through fallopian tube, causes Ectopic pregnancy. This can happen when fallopian tube is blocked or some kind of infection is present there.

Pelvic infection in tube is one of the infections which can result Ectopic pregnancy.Having sexual relations with more than one partner can cause Pelvic infection. Irregular growth can also alter the shape of tube can disturb the growth of fertilized egg. Mothers with the prior history of ectopic pregnancy are at higher risk of facing it again. The rate of reappearance is 15% after the first ectopic pregnancy, and it increases to 30% after the second.

Any disorder of the fallopian tube like tumor, can lead towards Ectopic pregnancy. Besides this even infection at large scale, habitual abnormalities can also put pregnancy towards Ectopic. Surgery like tubal sterilization or reconstructive, can create disorder of the framework of the fallopian tube and can leads towards Ectopic Pregnancy.

ectopic pregnancy

Consumption of alcohol or cigarette smoking at time of pregnancy has also been reason behind an increased threat of ectopic pregnancy. With the increasing number of cigarettes the risks towards Ectopic Pregnancy boost.
High levels of hormones named oestrogen and progesterone are also responsible to increase the risk of Ectopic pregnancy.

These hormones are responsible to slow down the movement of the fertilized egg towards uterus through the Fallopian tube. With the mounting age risk of Ectopic pregnancy also increases as in this period level of hormones changes.

Signs And Symptoms Of Ectopic Pregnancy

Pregnant women get first alarm of Ectopic pregnancy when they face sharp or mild pain in lower abdomen or vaginal bleeding. Pain can concentrate on one side of pelvis and the intensity can vary from time to time. Even you can feel weak, dizzy or fainting.

Harsh pain in neck or lower back is also noticed at time of Ectopic pregnancy. You can also face low blood pressure while Ectopic pregnancy. If due to some reason fallopian tube burst you can face heavy bleeding or nausea and vomiting.

Treatment Of Ectopic Pregnancy

Firstly doctors try to treat Ectopic pregnancy through drugs, which is better option than surgery to terminate the early pregnancy. In some cases it is observed that with the time and medicines Ectopic pregnancy is turned into normal pregnancy.

Doctors have to go for surgery if there is a chance of busting fallopian tube or already busted. Going through surgery is little dangerous due to already blood loss. Doctors use laparoscopy to remove the affected tube carrying fertilized eggs.

The chance of getting pregnant in future reduces after Ectopic pregnancy. Infertility treatment varies from person to person. Patients may have to go for IVF that is In Vitro Fertilization to attain a successful pregnancy. The use of IVF can prevent further chance of Ectopic pregnancies.