How to Cure Pregnancy Cramps

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phase in a woman’s life.The felling of sense and responsibility towards a new life inside you must be very overwhelming. But there might be times when the adverse affects of pregnancy get you so worked up that you just want to get it done with.
A number of symptoms accompany pregnancy.One of which being severe leg cramps.It is not an ailment and is perfectly normal to experience these leg cramps. It only means that your uterus is expanding and your body is trying to cope with these changes.

Some women end up taking pills to cure pregnancy cramps but in the long run consumption of these pills may harm your liver.You can cure pregnancy cramps by taking a few precautions though.

Do not sit for too long at a place.Stand in between and walk during regular intervals.Also avoid standing for too long. Indulge in a daily dose of exercise like brisk walking, swimming, etc. to keep your legs moving.It will increase the blood circulation and prevent cramps.

Get your calf muscle massaged whenever you can as this also increases the blood flow and cures pregnancy cramps.Wear stockings to support your legs.Keep your legs elevated while sleeping by using a pillow.

Consider having moderate hot baths.This is believed to help a great deal in curing pregnancy cramps.Relax your muscles by taking heat over the area by a hot towel or use a moderately hot heating pad.

You can even soak your feet in moderately hot water to cure these cramps.Drink plenty of water and include lots of fruits, fibers and vegetables to your diet.Avoid wearing heels to cure pregnancy cramps.

Try to avoid having intercourse as it could worsen the cramps.Also avoid sleeping on your back to prevent cramps.Sleep sideways to avoid cramps in the morning. Get proper rest and take care of yourself by not getting too stressed or tired.Move your feet in circular motion or try touching your toes time to time to prevent cramps.

Remember that you are going through the best phase of your life
.So do not let these things come in the way of your joy.By following these steps you will be able to cure pregnancy cramps.However if these do not help, consult your doctor and do the necessary to cure pregnancy cramps.