How to Cure Pregnancy Nausea

After you got pregnant has it become a part of your routine, to wake up every morning and go and vomit in the toilet?Well I know that it must be a very bad start to your day but this is what pregnancy nausea is all about.

It generally lasts for a few weeks during early stages of pregnancy but for some it may lasts longer.

Some women may also experience it throughout the day.It is nothing to worry about but it does upset you in  lot of ways.Moreover you should not ignore any ailment and get it treated as soon as you can.You can prevent or cure pregnancy nausea by taking a few precautions.

To begin with never go to bed empty stomach as pregnancy nausea happens in the mornings due to empty stomach.Eat a well balanced dinner and also munch on something right before you go to sleep.Instead of eating 3-4 heavy meals a day try having lighter meals some 5-6 times a day.

This will keep you full throughout the day and will keep your digestive system healthy.Make it a point to eat slightly before you feel hungry.Do not wait till hunger pangs attack you.Make it a habit to drink water after you finish your meal and not between meals.

Sip on lemon tea once a day
or so but do not overdo it.You can even take ginger to cure pregnancy nausea in small quantities in whatever form you like.It is available in dried form, in the form of candies etc.You can even try sipping on peppermint tea or even peppermint candies to cure pregnancy nausea.

Wintergreen candies are also effective in controlling nausea during pregnancy.Sip cold icy water whenever you feel uncomfortable.Some sorts of odors also triggers nausea in women, so analyze what repels you and stay away from such odors.

Adequate amount of rest is very important to cure pregnancy nausea
.Lack of rest could also trigger nausea, so get good amount of sleep and rest.Keep your intake of fluids in check.Also consume the vitamins prescribed by your doctor on time.

Visit your doctor and get yourself checked if your nausea does not get cured by following the above tips.Take pills only if recommended by the doctor to cure pregnancy nausea.Stay happy and wish you a happy pregnancy!