How To Deal With A Colic Baby

Is your newborn crying persistently throughout for no reason at all? If so, then he might be suffering from baby colic. Colic is a condition in which the otherwise healthy baby cries inconsolably for a long time. Colic can begin a few days after birth and will come to an end after about 3 months.

The baby will scream and cry for long periods at a stretch. The baby will appear quite calm in between the periods of crying. The exact reason for an infant becoming colic is still not known. But it is assumed that the periods of crying might be due to the developing nervous system getting tensed up suddenly while responding to external stimuli.

Before coming to a conclusion that your infant is suffering from colic, you should try to find out whether the cause of his persistent crying is due to more obvious reasons like allergies, acid reflux and lactose intolerance.

You can adopt many methods to comfort a colic baby.

Massaging your colic infant gently and slowly on his abdomen will help to calm down. You can also calm down the colic baby by practicing the acupressure technique of applying pressure to the web of the skin between his thumb and forefinger.

The position in which you hold the baby also matters a lot. You can rock the baby in a cradle or keep him in your arms and rock him. Holding your colic baby in a position which involves application of light pressure on his abdominal region is also seen helpful in providing relief from colic.

You can place your baby in your lap with his face down on your legs.By holding the baby firmly, gently bounce your legs and pat his bottom.You can also position him on your knees cross ways.

Another position is to hold your baby up with his back against your chest.Hold him across his tummy by applying a little pressure.You can either walk around holding the baby like this or sit somewhere in this position.

You can give a bath and massage to your baby and try putting him to sleep slowly.You should also keep your surroundings quiet and calm as loud noises may disturb the baby.

Caring for a new born requires a lot of patience.The most important thing to remember is that you should never use force to stop an infant from crying.