How To Deal With A Lazy Child

child laziness reasonsLazy kids are very difficult to handle. They run away from their responsibilities, which is very wrong. However there might be reasons behind their behavior. The reason can be anything like fear of failure, weakness, bad habits like alcohol or drug abuse, etc.

You need to know the reason behind your child’s laziness to deal with it. Everything has to be involved while dealing with this situation, start with communicating, be strict, also taking away luxuries, are a few things that you can do to correct your child and make him realize his responsibilities. Take a look at these steps given below to deal with it better.

Your Child’s Attitude

You need to first know if your child is really behaving lazy to deal with his laziness. The most common behaviors displayed by your child will be, showing very low or no interest in anything, wasting a lot of time, having no goal, always disorganized, showing an ‘I don’t care’ attitude, does not bother to finish assignments or school work, making invalid excuses most of the times.

Your child might display this behavior very occasionally or regularly. Make sure you look for these behavioral problems in your child before taking any action.

Know The Reason Behind His Laziness

Once you know that your child is showing signs of laziness you need to know the reason behind his laziness. The reason can be anything, try to work on the reason by talking to your child and knowing his feelings. Make your child understand that failure is a part of life and he need to learn how to overcome failure. Let your communication work as a positive medicine for your child’s discouraged heart.

Encourage your child and appreciate him on improvements. In case you feel the situation is getting worse and you cannot handle it visit, a psychiatrist or a counselor to help your child. In case your child is getting into bad habits like drugs or alcohol it is very important to see the doctor.

Getting Strict Is Important At Times

Privileges such as television, video games, computer, mobile phone, iPods etc can cause your child to get distracted and inactive. At times you need to be a little strict with your child and take away these privileges, if you see your child does not understand his responsibilities.

However taking away a few of these gadgets from your child could be a bit of a problem for you, yet your child has to understand his responsibilities towards his family. While taking this action you need to be sure that you are not taking away basic necessities like food and clothing from your child.

Keep Yourself Available For Your Child

You are a very hard working parent; hence you are unable to spend time with your child. This could be a little depressing for your child. You need to assure your child that you are always there for him, tell him that he can talk to you anytime he want to. Just make sure that you are available for your child.

Sanika N