How to Deal with Baby Gas

Gas is a common problem faced by many babies during their infancy period. Since most babies get gassy in late hours, it often becomes difficult for them to sleep through the night. When gas hurts the little one, she cries inconsolably. Such crying may worry the new parents as they might not be able to estimate the cause of their baby’s discomfort.

However, babies generally cry when they are either hungry or wet or gassy. So if your baby usually gets up and stats crying loudly when she is neither hungry nor wet, it could probably be gas that is causing all the uneasiness. Thankfully, there are some easy ways of avoiding the gas trouble in babies.

Here are some tips for relieving gas in babies.

Never Forget to Burp the Baby

Burping between and after the feeds is very important. Burp the baby when she pauses between the feeds to ensure better digestion. Never put the baby to sleep without proper burping. However, if the baby goes to sleeps without a burp, you should make her sleep sideways instead of lying straight, with the head slightly elevated.

Rub the Tummy

If you are sure your baby is in pain because of gas, you can help her by gently rubbing her tummy to let the air pass. It is also helpful to pump the little one’s legs to relieve the trapped gas. Placing a warm towel on the tummy or giving a warm bath also may help.

Consider Giving Drops

There are a number of gas relieving medicines in the market that may be used if approved by your baby’s doctor. Some of these drops can also be added to milk and given to the baby. Such colic relieving drops are generally considered safe and effective for the babies. However, like all other over the counter medicines, these drops should never be given without the consent of a paediatrician.

What more you can do to reduce gas pain in babies is to elevate their head while feeding to avoid her from inhaling more air. So try the aforesaid suggestions to relieve gas pain in your infant and enjoy a happier baby!