How To Deal With Baby Sleep Problems

It is very common for a baby to have sleep problems. Many parents struggle hard to cope up with their baby’s sleep pattern. Newborns spend most of their time sleeping. Normally they sleep 16 to 18 hours a day.

Parents face a lot of difficulties if their baby does not go to sleep easily. If you too are facing this problem then you can take help from the guidelines given below.

You can not force your baby to sleep easily. You can just help your baby to fall asleep. The same technique does not work for all babies and you must also accept that it will not always work with the same baby either. So if a particular technique is presently not working for your baby, try to make some changes.

You should make a good sleeping arrangement for your baby. Find the place where your baby sleeps best. It could be its own crib or he/she may sleep best beside you. You can change your baby’s sleeping arrangement with time.

Be attached to your baby during the day time; this will help and give peace to your baby. If your baby spends a restless night, try to find out the possible causes behind it. The daycare and the daycare provider should be the right match for your child.

You should make your baby’s room dust-free. This will minimize your baby’s stuffy nose. Wet nappies can also keep your baby awake. Hence you should always change wet nappies immediately. This will make him to fall asleep soon. If your baby is sensitive to synthetic sleepwear, you should shift to the use of pure cotton clothes.

If your baby frequently awakens with nasal congestion then there is possibility that some irritants or allergens are present in your bedroom. These could be in the form of baby powder, plants, feather pillows, hair sprays, cigarette smoke, etc. Try to get rid of these irritants. Your baby may experience teething pain and discomfort as early as three months. You must take your doctor’s advice to alleviate your baby’s pain.

You can give your baby a warm bath and then gently massage his/her body. This will relax his/her tense muscles and help him/her to go to sleep easily. You can also walk with your baby or try rocking and playing soft music. Try to maintain darkness in the bedroom and avoid noise.

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

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