How To Deal With Changes During Early Pregnancy

Body of a woman undergoes several changes during early days of pregnancy. While some women experience all common symptoms, others may have only missed period. Here are some tips to help you deal with changes during early pregnancy.

When you are in early days of pregnancy, you may be experiencing nausea and vomiting, especially in the morning. This feeling may last for longer period and triggered by smell of some special food items. This problem is prevalent during first three months of pregnancy. If you are bothered by nausea throughout the day then take small frequent meals.

Avoid foods that may trigger nausea. Start your day with dry crackers and ginger tea. Sucking hard candy and having enough rest may help you to tackle problem of nausea.

A missed period may not always indicate pregnancy. There are factors like hormonal imbalance or some illness that may cause irregular menstrual cycles. If you miss a period then try pregnancy test by using home-kits available in the market. These usually provide accurate result if used a week after missed period. Health service provider may be consulted to confirm, as pregnancy hormone can be traced in blood during early pregnancy.

In your early days of pregnancy, you may feel exhausted easily. Fatigue is a common problem during days of early pregnancy that is attributed to increased metabolic requirements. Make sure to have sufficient rest periods. Increase hours of sleep and take a balanced diet. Try to eat fresh fruits, items rich in iron, calcium, and protein. Drinking sufficient water is essential to maintain the growing demand of fluid in your body.

During early pregnancy you may experience frequent urge to urinate. Pregnancy hormone that starts production after conception is one factor to trigger frequent urination. When the size of uterus starts growing, it puts pressure on the anterior bladder giving rise to frequent urge of urination.

As the pregnancy develops, uterus grows to rise above the bladder and the symptom disappears. Try to control intake of caffeine and avoid drinking too much water during night. Try not to suppress urge of urination for long as it may cause urinary tract infection.

Consult your doctor when you suspect pregnancy. This helps you to avail prenatal care from early days of pregnancy.