How To Deal With Kids Problems

Textural harassment refers to discrimination and harassment done to people through medium of text. Mails, sms, etc are some of the medium of text harassment. It is a method of abusing and disturbing people and say what you feel like.

The people who use this medium have increased in number shockingly over some years. Easy availability of net and mobiles in teenagers is one set back which has encouraged this act. If your teenager is also suffering from this, there has to some quick solution for it so as to avoid mental tension.

Sometimes relationships get so ugly that all people wish to do is to disturb and trouble their ex partners. In teenage, one has high amount of emotions and failed relations could evoke abusive nature of them. Dating violence through text messages could be constant, vile and menacing. Harassment has got easier and wild these days.

The first thing that you can do to deal with it to communicate with the person who is doing this to your child and asking him about his problem. If you could help him with it then do it and make him understand that it is all waste. You could get strict if required.

You must also talk to your child before tackling with the person troubling her to know the whole story. If she is mistaken then you can ask your child to say sorry politely and move on with it. but if your kid is into it without any mistake, you can complaint to the police as you never know if the harassment could get physical.

Another temporary method which is not much recommended is to change your email id and phone numbers. It may make the other person feel that you are running away but sometimes it is better to ignore rather than being involved and getting troubled constantly. If it is done by your kid’s classmates, you could approach their teacher and let him or her know about the whole situation. Through this, parents of other side could get familiar with the situation as well. Try it out.