How to Deal With Postpartum Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness post delivery is a common occurrence and is a result of the hormonal changes that occur in the body after the birth of the baby. As the ovaginal dryness and hot flashes.estrogen starts leaving the body many women experience  Although not a serious issue, however it can make sexual relations with your partner uncomfortable. There are a few ways in which postpartum vaginal dryness can be taken care of.

Vaginal dryness after childbirth usually disappears in time. Once the hormonal level of your pre-pregnancy state is established the vagina becomes lubricated once again. However, in some cases vaginal dryness may continue for as long as the baby is breastfed.

Drink lots of water and keep your body well hydrated. Childbirth results in dehydration of the body since a lot of bodily fluid is also lost during postpartum. This loss of fluid can worsen the condition of an already dry vagina because the body prefers sending fluids to the vital organs first.

Eating a balanced nutrition diet is also important to relive vaginal dryness. Soy rich foods like tofu are also known to counter the dry vagina condition.

Encourage your sexual partner to perform elongated foreplay. This will make your body naturally lubricate itself and prepare the vagina for penetration. For the first few weeks after delivery it will take your body more time to produce adequate lubrication in the vagina.

You can buy over-the counter available lubricants for use during sexual intimacy. The lubricants should be water based as they are not harmful for the body. Follow the application methods given in the pamphlet of the lubricant. Take care to properly wash off the lubricant from your body after the intercourse.

Do not use Vaseline, creams, lotions or oil for lubrication. These can be harmful as the chemicals and perfumes in them can cause severe infection in the vagina.

Do not let penetration happen if the vagina isn’t properly lubricated. Penetration in dry vagina can cause discomfort, pain and possibly even an internal injury.

If the vaginal dryness does not ease by itself then consult your doctor. Your doctor will most likely prescribe you an oral or topical medication to help you with the condition. Topical medicines like estrogen creams are definitely better for use than oral estrogen medicines. In some extreme cases doctors may also advice hormonal replacement therapy.

Anubha Pandey