How To Deal With Pregnancy After 35

Whatever your age is- Pregnancy is always an unforgetful and milestone event in life. In the process of changing times, normal age range of
pregnant women has been rising.

Now a days a woman is opting to get her career settled, before she starts a family. But the dilemma before a woman who thinks of conceiving at 35 and beyond is- Does pregnancy at this age poses threat?

Deal With Pregnancy After 35

The answer to this question lies below in the writing. The complications in later pregnancy are not only related to age, but also woman’s medical history and the pregnancy itself.

If the weight of the expecting woman is normal and there are no medical disorders, then the risk of complications during pregnancy is similar to that of any young woman. Just don’t forget that every woman has a chance of delivering a baby with problem irrespective of her age.

But yes, later age pregnancies cannot be taken as an easy stride, because the reality is, that the body weakens as we get old. These complications can be managed by appropriate medical intervention and proper pre-natal care if we know about these beforehand.

How To Deal With Pregnancy After 35

Cesarean Delivery

First of all be ready for cesarean operation. There are very minute chances that you deliver normally. Body at this age is not in its prime strength to go through the rigors of physical labor. So make prior arrangements of back support at home.

Cesarean Delivery


Older women tend to release more than one egg a month, thus leading to twins. Always give a prior thought about this, otherwise in some cases it comes as a rude shock if you are not mentally prepared about it.

Gestational Diabetes and Hypertension

About 20 percent women at late age develop gestational diabetes and high blood pressure but the silver lining behind a cloud is that it is not necessary that they will carry these diseases lifelong. If proper care is taken medically and some precautions are taken beforehand in the form of diet and yoga, then you can of course lead a healthy pregnancy.

Ways To Avoid Gestational Diabetes

Down syndrome

One fact about later pregnancy, to get bothered about, is the chances of “down syndrome a mentaldisability” in the child rises with age. But such child is also possible in a normal age pregnancy too. Meeting a genetic counselor can be of great help in this regard as he/she can help in knowing your particular risks and suggest genetic testing to diagnose chromosomal problems or other genetic defects.

Placenta Previa

In this condition the placenta lies low in the uterus, partly or completely covering the cervix.  This condition is generally common in those females who have had many prior pregnancies and diseases that may weaken her reproductive organs. so, relax  if you have no medical disorders and are thinking of your first pregnancy at 35 then go for it.

Placenta Previa

Talk to your doctor to determine your health status. She is the right person to guide you about your risk status which could be merely due to your age or any other complicating factor.  Most late age pregnancies end up with a healthy baby with proper pre-natal care and medical intervention.

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