How To Deal With Stress During Pregnancy

Stress During PregnancyIn every facet of human life, stress is a possibility. Pregnancy is no exception. It is hard to achieve a stress-free pregnancy today with the many factors thrown at the pregnant mother.

But one can do enough to avoid or reduce the stress to ensure an enjoyable pregnancy. The very first thing to consider for a low stress or stress free pregnancy is to keep a positive outlook both at the mental as well as spiritual level while, at the same time maintain a healthy physical body.

These aspects come into play together in developing the fetus within the mother’s womb; thus, the mental, spiritual and physical wellness of the mother determines the same in the growing baby. Thus, the pregnant mother is so intricately connected with her baby the moment he / she is conceived, whether she feels his / her presence or not.

Stress factors

It may be impossible to avoid stress totally during pregnancy but it can be handled well as stress can cause specific hormones to over-react or be produced excessively to trigger adverse conditions that can threaten the mother’s and baby’s well-being. Some researchers suggested that such hormones are responsible for miscarriages or early labor. Thus, a pregnant mother needs to be alert to physical as well as emotional stresses.

Ways to deal with stress during pregnancy

Accept your pregnancy

Firstly, accept with grace that you are carrying a child. Stress can come in when a pregnant woman is unable to accept that she is pregnant as it is unexpected or she is unprepared for it. Another reason could be that her work schedule is demanding or having children is not a priority in her life at this point in time.

But if a woman intends to be a mother one day, and nature has decided for you at this point in time, then it is wise to take it in good stride and be positive about the next phase of your life, though it may be very different and unexpected. A good mentality about your pregnancy is half the battle won over stress.

Rearrange your priorities

You will need to refocus your priorities now that you are pregnant. Let loose instead of still holding the reins so tightly that you might ‘suffocate’ yourself and the fetus within. Everything you do now affects the living fetus. He / she feels the same as you do. A pregnant mother will need to consider its well being as well as her own from now on. Once you get your priorities in the right order, you will not be subject to the stress of unpreparedness or even unfairness.

You will be able to handle the pregnancy demands more easily and boldly because you are now focussed on the life that is developing within you. So if you feel tired during your pregnancy, it is best to rest as that is the body’s sign to you that it needs rest to rejuvenate itself to support this pregnancy.

Be prepared for the unexpected

One can never determine the exact date of arrival for the baby except perhaps by surgery; or you may encounter some slight complications which require bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy. Hence, it would be good to read up as much as you can on pregnancy and be prepared to look out for any signs or symptoms of the unexpected so that you are able to handle the situation with calm and ease.

Support from others

Being pregnant is an emotional affair which requires others around you to show support or to even pamper you sometimes. The more loving people you have surrounding you, the less stress you allow into your pregnancy.

Accepting help

It is alright to be assisted in various ways or situations when you are pregnant; after all, you would not want to incur any complications on your growing baby, isn’t it? So, accept the help people extend to you graciously while at times, you may need or should ask for their assistance to ease your load, physical or emotional. Every bit of load lifted off you helps to give you a more enjoyable pregnancy.

Open Communicate

Communication is vital to maintain a healthy relationship; do so during pregnancy between yourself and your spouse, and even to your unborn baby growing within you. He / she can hear your voice and feel what you feel, as researches have suggested. Learn to express your feelings and be open about your situation so that those around you will know how to respond to cater to your needs.


A massage is good for the pregnant woman especially during the 3rd trimester to ease the stress and heaviness you feel carrying the baby, but these massages should be performed by qualified prenatal massage practitioners.