How to Develop Good Sleeping Habits in Your Baby

Getting a baby to sleep through the night is a big challenge for parents. In fact, every new parent finds it hard to deal with the sleep issue. While it is not correct to force a bedtime routine on a newborn, it is possible to establish one when the baby is about 6 weeks old.

By beginning a sleep training around 6 weeks, your baby is likely to develop a good bedtime schedule by the time he/she is 3 months old. Before 3 months of age it is quite normal for the little one to get up for feeds, which will come down to two or three times by the 3rd month. As such, it is easier for you and the baby to get used to a sleep schedule.

Tips to Develop a Sleep Schedule:

Follow a Routine for Sleep and Naps

If you want your baby to sleep soundly at night, you must establish a daily schedule for day as well. Regulate your baby’s sleep by fixing his/her bedtime and naptime. Generally, a 3 – 6 month old needs to sleep fifteen hours, most of which has to be at night.

You can develop a night routine by making your baby get used to something at a particular time at night. You may sing a lullaby, give a warm bath to your tot, read out a story, change your baby’s clothes or even play a game.

Wish Good Morning to Your Baby

Waking up your baby at a fixed time every morning is as important as encouraging him/her to sleep at night. This will help establish as regular habit of waking and sleeping at a scheduled time. So be regular in waking up the baby every morning. This is also important to aid your baby in learning the difference between day and night.

The aforesaid suggestions will definitely let you to develop a regular sleep pattern for your baby. Keeping the baby active during the evenings and ensuring a proper feed before bedtime will also help your baby sleep better through the night. At last, I would prefer to wish you good night instead of good luck because…..enjoy parenting!